This guide is designed to give the basic information relating to:

  • Logging on to the website.
  • Password Queries
  • Member Access
  • Members only content

Logging onto the website.

All RWBC members are able to logon to the website once approved. New requests for any website users have to be approved by the webmaster or site admin.

There is a login link at the bottom of the website for members to initially register or logon.

 If you are waiting for approval, please email or contact the webmaster to expedite. We get a lot of false sign ups, so confirming the request via email can help.


When you sign up for a website account, you choose your password. If you forget it, you can send yourself a password reset from the website logon page. It is very important that you use exactly the same username or email when asking for password resets (or you will not get the reset link in your email). If you get stuck or forget your username, you can contact the webmaster or site admins for this to be manually checked and reset for you.

Member Access

Once logged in to the website, you will find the link to Membership information in the top menu of the website changes from “Membership” to “Members Area”. This allows you to access the restricted members only area of the website.

You will also notice at the bottom of the website, the login link has also changed to various other member related links. These include access to the members area, along with an easy way to see your personal profile, change account information (where you can reset your password too), and other items.

Members Only Content

Once inside the members area, you will see there is a link to the “Member Download Area”. This contains all the currently published members information resources.

You will find various links to either downloadable files for members, or web pages to guide members on facilities or requirements from the club.

There is also a section containing recent editions of the Lock Key magazine.

We are always updating the website when new information is available. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Webmaster or Secretary if you find something out of date, or you have any issues accessing the information.

If you don’t find something on the website that you would like to have there as a central reference for everyone, please ask and we’ll do our best to incorporate that if feasible.

This guide is also available as a download for printing and sharing HERE